Creative Sewing Challenge Update

Dress Pattern: Jospehine by Violette Field Threads
Sewn By: Bethany of
I finally had a opportunity to pick up my entry for the Creative Sewing Challenge sponsored by The French Seam at the Indiana State Fair.  The actual event and judging took place on Sunday, August 10, 2014.   Since I wasn't able to be present for judging, I had no idea that I won second place in the children's apparel category! (my previous post with details about the contest and my entry is here)

The entire experience has been helpful to me.  My goal this year was just to enter a project.   I've never entered a sewing competition or had anyone give me feedback on (let alone judge) a sewing project before.  I haven't been sewing seriously for very long - less than a year, with the exception of random quick projects here and there over the years.  I didn't have the opportunity to make and the project I imagined for The Challenge and, when I turned in this dress, I had very mixed feelings - the main one being nervousness. In the end, entering the Creative Sewing Challenge ended up being very encouraging and boosting my confidence as a budding sewist.

Judging Form from Creative Sewing Challenge
When I picked up my dress, I actually liked it a lot better than I did when I had just finished it.  (To be honest, I sewed it the two nights before I had to turn it in, and was rushed.  That may have had some to do with it!)  Then, when I put it on my daughter I loved it even more!  I hadn't even had the time to put her in it before I turned it in.  Maybe the biggest encouragement was the positive comments from the judge/s.  I honestly didn't know if I was really missing the mark on things.  I generally like what I sew, but what would someone who knew a lot about sewing technique and skill actually think?   Even if the dress had come back without a ribbon or earning placing in the competition, seeing that the judges thought I did a "very good" job in general was really exciting and encouraging!  (And I think it's a very good point about the interfacing.  There was none called for in the pattern, and I think the dress is okay without it, but interfacing would definitely make it better.)

Entering the Creative Sewing Challenge and sewing the Josephine Dress by Violette Field Threads has been a great experience.  This is the first ribbon I remember earning from a fair of any kind and the first time I entered a fair contest on purpose (I vaguely remember a Girl Scout project - very small basket I wove and stained and mildy decorated - possibly being in the Ohio State Fair decades ago?).  I am eager to make my daughter a blouse for the fall using this pattern and I know it will be one I use often.  And, the dreaming and planning for my project for next year's Creative Sewing Challenge has already begun!

Second Place?  How did that happen?!
(Dress Pattern: Jospehine by Violette Field Threads)
Earned second place in the children's apparel
category for the Creative Sewing Challenge
(Dress Pattern: Jospehine by Violette Field Threads)
If you live near or travel through Indianapolis, Indiana, be sure to stop by the fantastic fabric shop, The French Seam.  They have a wonderful, friendly and helpful staff, carry a beautiful selection of quilting and apparel fabrics, and offer a wide-selection of classes each month.  If you aren't sure which project you want to sew next, I highly recommend the Josephine Blouse and Dress pattern from Violette Field Threads (and they have many other great patterns to choose from for girls and women!)  The Whitney Trousers and Molly Jacket are next on my list from them.

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  1. This is beautiful. I love this pattern, and now I'm going to have to buy it ;)


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