Color Play Friday: S'more Cookie Goodness {Feminine Floral Browns Color Palette and Fabric Bundle}

How fun is a Friday with beautiful color inspiration and lovely fabrics served up with yummy s'more goodness (at least in image form)?!  If that is your kind of Friday, then this week's #colorplayfriday is as perfect for you as it is for me!
For more information on Color Play Friday, visit Lorinda at Laurel, Poppy & Pine or Trina at In An Otter Life for the guidelines and further information, or to sign up for the #ColorPlayFriday newsletter - you are welcome to join in! 

The Image & Colors:
This week's image was taken by Trina while she enjoyed a S'more Goodness cookie from Snohomish Pie Company  beside the river one summer afternoon.  Besides the obvious desire to eat one of those cookies myself, what really caught my eye was the colors on the horizon.  I knew I wanted to incorporate those hues in my palette.  I also knew I wanted to create a palette and bundle that felt light and feminine - at least in relation to all the browns - but still a palette and fabric bundle that reflected the s'mores colors and the outdoor theme of the photo.

The Fabrics: (non-affiliate links to

I broke several self-imposed rules this week.
  1. I had a goal to use only fabrics designed in-house by Hawthorne Threads or this week's bundle.  It turns out that this was not the week for that project because Hawthorne Threads does not really use browns (golden canyon, taupe, and stone, but not really a brown) in their designs to-date.  However, I think that Bonnie Christine's aesthetic and color palette blends well with many designs from Hawthorne Threads, so I used two of her prints to cover the deeper browns in this palette and bundle. 
  2.  Another self-imposed rule is to not to use two fabrics from the same line in the same bundle, but this week I broke that rule, too.  
  3. And, since I'm a crosshatch fan, I also tell myself to avoid that fabric design if at all possible (otherwise it would be in every bundle), but I used it again this week.
I'm not usually a rule breaker, but I'm happy with the result.  What do you think? (you might want to follow the links for these fabrics as some of them don't really show the nuance well at this size)

Other Participants:
Use the following links to visit all the #ColorPlayFriday participants for this week and see more creative fabric bundles and color inspiration.  You can also search the hashtag on Instagram or view my previous Color Play Friday palettes and bundles here.


  1. Your bundle captures the horizon perfectly! You definitely made it a light and feminine bundle. I can totally see these fabrics being turned into a project. :)

  2. I think you did a great job doing a lighter bundle while still incorporating those browns. I am also a huge crosshatch fan and have to steer myself in another direction a lot of the time!

  3. Goal succeeded, you definitely made such dark options much lighter and feminine. I enjoyed how lighter it was. Seeing your palette added a new feeling to the picture.


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