Vintage Sewing Fun - Simplicity's 1948 Pattern for Smartness Video

"Your pattern... is... magic, for it transforms all who use it into a creative artist.  Yes, just as a portrait artist uses his paints and brushes to express his impression of a personality, so you can use fabrics and lines and colors to express your own personality." - narrator in 1948 Simplicity video Pattern for Smartness (near 15:00).

This vintage sewing video (I think it was used for home economics classes) is almost comical in places because of how much our culture has changed, but I love seeing the girls love for sewing and her skill level at her age - not to mention all the lovely vintage sewing supplies and fashions!  No quick and dirty sewing here, and the fit on her finished dress is impeccable.

At almost twenty minutes long, this is a fun video to have on in the background while working on a project.  And I'd love to read your thoughts after you watch - leave a comment!

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