Interview: Jeanine Thomlinson of Scientific Seamstress for Sew Your (Pattern) Stash Women's Month

I love learning more about the people behind the blogs, patterns, and beautiful photos I see in the online sewing world. Jeanine Thomlinson is one of those people and I am excited to host an interview with her today. This month's theme for Sew Your (Pattern) Stash 2015 has been sewing women's patterns/sewing for yourself, so Jeanine seemed like a great person to feature. You might be familiar with her as the Social Media Coordinator for Scientific Seamstress and for her beautiful and creative sewing.  

Where can we find you online?

Can you tell us about your family?
I have two kids – 2 girls ages 4 (“Berry)”and 2 (“Cheeks”) and a husband- a cute Brit. 

How did you connect with Carla at Scientific Seamstress/Sisboom?
I won some patterns from You Can Make This when I first started sewing and picked out the Sisboom Sophie. I was MEGA impressed with the quality of directions and how EASY it was to assemble the pattern pieces and was an instant fan. I was always suggesting Carla's patterns to people and then one day she messaged me about a job. Best job ever! I accepted and then told the husband I got a job when he got home from work.

Besides sewing and handling social media for Scientific Seamstress, do you have other interests, abilities, or super powers? 
I love painting – not house painting, but my hobby pre-kids was canvas painting and I sold a few pieces. You can still see my painting incorporated into sewing here and there.

How did you get your start with sewing? What prompted you to sew your first item? Why did you decide to start sewing?
I started sewing in 2010 after I had my first daughter. I was bored being JUST a mom and desperately needed a creative outlet and canvas painting was just way too hard to set up with a baby about and no regular to myself hours to work. My great grandma gave me her sewing machine to start and then six months later my mom bought me a newer simple model. (Great Grandma's was very old and kept jamming up and frustrating me)

Was there a project that specifically “hooked” you? One that when you finished it, you thought, “I love this and I think I love sewing forever?
The Sisboom Sophie. It was my first piece. I thought looked as pretty as the pattern picture and I was in shock a pattern could get me (a total amateur who had had less then great results up to then) to sew something that looked as nice as depicted.

How much time do you spend sewing each week (or working on a sewing project, if not actually using a sewing machine)? 

Uhhmmmm..... can I plead the 5th? I spend probably 2-3 hrs a day on sewing or cutting fabric to sew.

What is it about sewing that you enjoy and are passionate about? 
I find sewing to be my sanity. It is my relax. My calm. I'm the type of person who has a VERY hard time being still. I need to be creative or I start getting very cranky and frustrated with everything and everyone. I am passionate about getting people to love sewing and especially sewing for themselves. Women's sewing is a big deal for me.

Which types of women’s clothing do you most like to sew (casual, comfy, dressy, etc.)? Do you have a favorite pattern to sew for yourself, one that when you wear it you feel great?
I usually sew casual - or mom chic as I pretend I am lol. I have to be able to wear what I sew while I chase two kids! I LOOOVE wearing the Sisboom Shana with tights and the Angie and the new Carolina Mae! And.. and... and... lol!

What would you say to someone who has never sewn for themselves? How would you encourage them to give it a try? 
Just go for it! And MUSLIN !!!!! Muslins are soooooo totally your friend when sewing for yourself! Pick a pattern that resembles stuff in your closet to start - plenty of time to get creative later - and pick fabric you would love in the mall.

What do you think is most important for women to keep in mind when sewing for themselves? 
Again, muslin. Getting a great fit is key to loving what you make and feeling good about yourself in your clothing. And always wear your good bra when you are trying on your muslin.

What is your favorite sewing tool you own? 
Other than my machine? My gluestick.

What item currently tops your sewing wishlist? (machine, tool, pattern, fabric). 
A Babylock Destiny.... lol. I'll be dreaming on that a long time! But I really love nautical prints and florals. I can't wait for the upcoming in spring new Jennifer Paganelli line!

Do you have a pet-peeve sewing mistake that drives you crazy whenever you do it - something that shows we are all Sew Not Perfect? 
My pet peeve sewing mistake is when I sew a right side to a wrong side – with the serger. I HATE unpicking those and I always feel so silly that I made such a simple mistake.

Thank you, Jeanine for taking time to tell us more about yourself and for encouraging women to sew for themselves!  

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  1. Great interview! I am a fan of the Scientific Seamstress Lab Group and Sis Boom fabrics and loved reading more about Jeanine.

  2. Great interview! How did I not know you canvas' painted??????

  3. I think one of my first pdf sewing patterns was from Scientific Seamstress that I bought from You can make this. Great interview!

  4. Great Interview!! I did not know you painted either Jeanine!


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