Whip It Up Challenge with Sew Mama Sew and Ink & Arrow {Kitchen-Themed Sewing & Free Patterns}

Today I’m grateful to be part of the Sew Mama Sew Whip It Up Challenge with Ink & Arrow fabrics. Not only do I get to showcase the Whip It Up fabric line (and a few coordinating Pixies prints) from Ink & Arrow, but also - just in time for Mother’s Day - I have several free kitchen-themed free motion applique designs you can download, a tutorial for a simple reversible apron, a framed applique design for the kitchen wall, and really fun kitchen-themed magnets.  Do you (or someone you know) enjoy cooking, eating, and/or sewing? (ha!)  Then today’s Whip It Up Challenge feature is for you!  Be sure to read to the end for links to free downloads and the other challenge participants.

Whip It Up line from Ink & Arrow Fabrics
The Whip It Up Challenge from Sew Mama Sew asked participants to create a kitchen-related project using the new Whip It Up fabric line from Ink & Arrow.  These fabrics feature kitchen and cooking related designs with a modern retro style.  They also coordinate well with several colors from Pixies from Ink & Arrow.  If I had to pick a favorite, it would be either Eating Utensils in white or Salt & Pepper Shakers in aqua.  Kitchen Items & Phrases was really versatile and the phrases are humorous and creative.  I ended up using that fabric as the model for (most of) the free motion applique designs I created.

Free Motion Applique Designs (free applique design pattern download)
The retro drawings and creative kitchen sayings made me smile.  I thought they would coordinate so well as larger, applique images, so I free handed some of the images and found similar fonts to the those found on the fabric.  I used the free motion applique designs to create wall art and as designs on the apron pockets.  I think these free motion applique patterns could also be used on potholders, a large square in a quilt or table runner, or even as the front of sewn cards to a friend who loves cooking, and if you use them - I’d love to know what you make! You can download the pdf files for the free motion applique patterns here (graphics) and here (text).  You can easily resize these images buy reducing or enlarging them oh your printer.  If you haven’t yet tried free motion applique, I think you should give it a shot now! (you can find a helpful post explaining more about free motion applique from Becca Duval at Free Notion).

Kitchen Themed Free Motion Applique Designs for Whip It Up - Free Download

I won't pretend that free motion writing is easy (mine needs a lot more work!), but I love this framed art hanging next to my kitchen sink now. You could easily do the same with any of the free motion applique templates and slip them in a frame like this, a magnetic fridge frame, use is on a greeting card, or enlarge the design to make it even bigger (this is 4x6" size).

Reversible Apron with Applique Designs on Pockets
This simple, short apron is designed to wear low, at the top of the hips, and features a reversible design with two pockets on each side.  It can be sewn fairly quickly and would make a great project for someone just learning to sew.  You can download the free apron pattern tutorial here and the pattern piece for the pocket here.  Since this pattern is short (in length), you can make it with 13” x WOF (width of fabric) cuts or scraps of fabric.

Appliance Magnets (with tutorial for making covered button magnets)
I mentioned that I'm a fan of the retro style featured on Kitchen Items & Phrases and also the humor of the sayings, but another fun aspect of this print is that the pattern repeat and dimension is perfect for making 1.5” covered buttons to use as magnets.  You can easily Whip Up a few for your own fridge, or as a Mother’s Day gift, a bridal shower gift, or a hostess gift. 

If you’ve never made covered buttons (or turned them in to magnets) - it’s simple:
  1. Buy: Whip It Up Fabric Kitchen Items & Phrases,  (the following are affiliate links) 1.5” covered buttons kit, hot glue for your hot glue gun, and button magnets.
  2. Trace the template on the back of your covered button container (it’s faint) - preferably trace it onto paper you can see through (I used printer paper, and then held the fabric and template up to my patio door in the daylight).
  3. Position the template over an image on the fabric, centering the design on the template.  Trace around the template, then cut out the template shape.
  4. Follow the instructions on your covered button box for assembling your button (for my covered button kit - you place the cut fabric right side down in the rubber dish, place the button on top of the fabric (then check to make sure the fabric is properly centered over the button), fold the edges of the fabric into the back of the button cover, place the back into the rubber dish, and press the back in to place.  
  5. Use hot glue to attach a button magnet to the back of the covered button.  My covered buttons had a metal shank (loop) for sewing the button to a garment.  I bent this part down as flat as I could before putting the hot glue on the back, and it worked great.

The other Whip It Up Challenge participants have even more beautiful, practical, and creative ways to use Whip It Up fabric line from Ink & Arrow:


  1. Fantastic! These are fun and functional projects! Well done.

  2. All of your projects are so awesome! I really love the magnet idea and am crossing my fingers that I have just enough scraps left over from my projects to make them.

    1. Thanks, Linda! I have enough for two more magnets, I think, but I need more buttons. Hope you are able to make some!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! I appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment.

  4. Oh my goodness, I love the grater! What a great idea! and the magnets too!

    1. Hi Paige, The grater is my favorite, too. I think I am going to work on more of those.

  5. Oh my gosh the cuteness! I have some fabric left and I'm going to make a few of the fabric magnets. Great job!

  6. So many pretty things! I love the idea of fabric magnets!


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