Sewing Storm

I don't often accomplish all the sewing I set out to do - but for once I did accomplish my three sewing goals.  Here is a brief overview of each project:

Raglan T-Shirt
Laura at Titchy Threads/Craftstorming gave me the chance to pattern test this shirt and I really enjoyed sewing it.  The full pattern with additional features and options will be released early next year - I highly recommend that you keep an eye out for it!  The instructions were clear and I really appreciated the little details, suggestions, tips, and skills that she incorporated that took this from a simple T-shirt to a really well-made shirt.  I tested the size 8 for my smaller 9 year old and the fit was great.  I like that it has a slimmer cut to it - it's not too tight but also isn't sloppy looking.  I chose these fabrics because red is one of his favorite colors and his dad has a raglan shirt made with these same colors.

I made this also as part of Kids Clothes Week.  The theme is Storybook and I don't know that this shirt is really storybook inspired, but my son is an avid reader and I'm certain he'll read plenty of books wearing this shirt.  He also thought Benny from The Boxcar Children Series probably wore shirts like this!

Peppermint Swirl - a good start
I am making a Peppermint Swirl Dress (pattern from Candy Castle Patterns) for my daughter's 2nd birthday this week and my goal was to get all the flounces sewn together.  With my new serger it was a breeze, although you don't need a serger to do it.  I'd been planning to make just a skirt, but I've now decided to go ahead with the full dress version, so stay tuned!  I'll finish it up during Kid's Clothes Week this week.

New Boppy Cover 
I've had the same Boppy and cover since my first child's baby shower - over nine years ago.  I've wanted to buy a new one but could never bring myself to pay the money for one of the kind I like, and often I didn't love the fabric patterns that much anyway.  So, I decided to do my own DIY Boppy cover - creating my pattern from my old Boppy cover and a seam gauge - and I am so happy with the result.  It has a medallion print flannel on one side and pink minky dot fabric on the other - complete with zipper for easy removal for washing (or changing).  With minky fabric and flannels on sale at JoAnn's this week, I think I might even make another!  I've debated posting a Boppy cover tutorial with my pattern, and maybe I will.  There are quite a few out there in Pinterest/Google world, but in the meantime if anyone is curious about my pattern just use the contact form or leave a comment and I'm glad to share!

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