1Pattern:3Ways Wrap Up and Winners

Our 1 Pattern:3Ways Tour has concluded so here are the highlights all in one easy post.  Click the link under each picture to head to the full post. Each of the bloggers did a great job using their pattern in both standard and creative ways. Hopefully, you've been inspired to look at the patterns you already own in new ways and think about how to use them for a variety of looks.  (Not that you shouldn't buy more patterns - that is always fun, too!)

Also, congratulations to Rebekah, Melissa, and Heidi for each winning one of the pattern packages.  And thank you to Tikatuly, Sis Boom/Scientific Seamstress, Candy Castle Patterns, Made with Moxie, Filles a Maman, Kid Approved, and Little Kiwi's Closet for the patterns to give away.  Be sure to visit their shops for your next patterns!

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