Color Play Friday: Dry Sparkling Soda Seattle {Color Palette & Fabric Bundle}

This week's #ColorPlayFriday challenge was tough!  The image was taken by Trina at Dry Sparkling in Seattle.  I think what I am most excited about from this week is finding out about Dry Sparkling soda and discovering that a few stores not-too-far from me carry it (check out their store finder).  I am really intrigued by their flavors and enjoyed reading about the company and process.  I'm definitely going to try it out as soon as I am able.  As far as the color palette goes - this might be my first fail.  In fact, I was so restless with the first palette I made, I tried again.  You'll have to keep reading to see both bundles and let me know what you think.

For more information on Color Play Friday, visit Lorinda or Trina for the guidelines and further information, or to sign up for the #ColorPlayFriday newsletter - you are welcome to join in!  

The Image & Colors:

I knew as soon as I saw the picture that this would be a tough week for me.  I'm hoping I like what I put together more after I sleep on it and come back, but right now I'm honestly not excited.  Looking at the image, the colors that stick out to me are not colors that I would use.  At all.  That big orange-y wall in the back - nope.  The golden brown table with orange reflections - not really.  And it turns out when you start pulling actual colors, there are a lot of rosy and plum tones in the picture.  Even some baby blues.  It was tough for me.  I tried to do two things: (1) only pick colors I actually liked to some degree and could imagine using and (2) not just pull my go-to colors - still have my palette clearly reflect the image.

I created the palette and bundle on the left first, but then I just really wasn't happy with it, so I tried again with the palette and bundle you see on the right.  I prefer the fabrics on the left (first bundle) but I don't know that they fit together as well as I like - and that is the palette that had the problems with tone changes toward the bottom.  I think the palette on the right is better, but I'd have to see the fabrics in real life.  Usually I pull fabrics that I love, but this time was more difficult to match the chosen palette.

 I love each of the fabrics for my first palette, but I'm just not sure about the whole.  I had a trouble with Illustrator tinting the colors toward the bottom, and I couldn't for the life of me figure solve that problem (I'm struggling to learn bit by bit).  So I tried to compensate, but those colors still ended up off hue.  

The Fabrics:

Originally, I though it would be fun to go a bubbly route, but when I pick my fabrics I set three rules for myself: (1) only choose fabrics that are still available (2) choose them all from the same shop (I might change that rule, we'll see) (3) make sure I have permission to use images (maybe it is overkill).  So, it turned out that with these tones didn't really match with any/many bubbly fabrics, so instead, I ended up with a geometric bundle.

(top to bottom with non-affiliate link to

Palette #1 (first attempt)

Other Participants:

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  1. I felt the same way about my bundle this week. Nothing was working exactly how I wanted it to! I actually chose this picture because I thought it would be a challenge for me- and I was right!!

    1. Thanks Lorinda. It certainly was a challenge, but I enjoyed having to make harder choices and work at it even more. Even if it kept me up late!

  2. I think I like the bundle on the right better. It feels just a bit more cohesive to me. I actually really like the soft duskiness of the bundle. This week was a tough one!


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