Princess Dress Sew-A-Long With Candy Castle Patterns

Awful picture, I know.  Yes, it's my bed sheets for a background.  But isn't the bodice for my dress stunning, none-the-less?!  I am so happy with it so far.  I hope the skirt I choose to put on looks as nice.  I am participating in my first-ever Sew-Along with Candy Castle Patterns Group on Facebook.  They've laid out all the steps for the dress (or the Peppermint Swirl dress) in a very forgiving two-week schedule.  This is my first time sewing this pattern, and it's my first time sewing any pattern from this company.  I love it, and it is super versatile.  The instructions are clear, and the options for skirts, ruffles and sleeves for the dress are many (especially with the Swizzle Sticks Sleeve pack add-on pattern, which works with both the Princess and Peppermint Swirl dress pattern).  By Saturday, I should have the skirt completed and an update posted.

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