Why I Love to Sew

I don't have time to sew.  This is often very true true for me.  In fact, during this recent Princess Dress Sew-Along with Candy Castle Patterns, I was up past midnight (one o'clock, even two o'clock) on occasion (not because the pattern was difficult or the schedule was grueling, just because).  I don't think that is a practice I should keep, just to be able to sew a dress.  But do you know what I love? Having a completed project.  Complete, as in DONE and doesn't need re-done tomorrow.  I gladly serve my family by cleaning, preparing meals, home schooling, etc.,  but they are all activities that once finished, are never truly complete because you just get back at it again later that day, or the next day or sooner-than-later.  The endless cycle.  I don't really have an other hobby or skill (well, cake decorating, but that is too fattening and way too messy to do regularly).  With sewing, I start and work toward an end and then reach completion.  That is a wonderful and pleasing sense of accomplishment.  I enjoy the work of sewing and the reward is not only the pleasure of the work itself, not only the excitement felt when looking upon something I made that I am happy with, but also a gift I give to myself, my children, or a friend of a handmade item.  When I have the opportunity to see that project again, I enjoy and relive that same sense of pleasure, accomplishment and finality.  I am not looking at the dishes piling up again; I am looking at something DONE - an experience I don't have very often.  And so I find time to sew.

Why do you sew?


  1. You read my mind! I couldn't have said it better if I tried :)

    1. Thanks for coming by! I checked out sew charming blog and added a few patterns to my "to try" list. I have a few little men and I am excited to try out the cargo pants.


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