Heidi & Finn's Chic Cocktail Swing Coat: Review

If you are looking for a quick and easy sew that results in a beautiful and unique coat for a little girl in your life, you have to check out Heidi & Finn's Chic Cocktail Swing Coat.  It is a quick and easy project with amazing results!  When Christine at Heidi & Finn recently modified this pattern and added new hood and sizing options, I had the opportunity to test the updated version in size 18m.  I absolutely loved making the coat and was pleased with how well and how quickly the pattern came together.  In fact, the fabric I used for the first draft was just some extra fabric and I was not expecting to like it much until I used a better fabric.  But I ended up loving it and can't imagine having made anything with that fabric that would have turned out so adorable.  I am not exaggerating when I say that whenever my daughter has been wearing her new coat, we receive multiple compliments from perfect strangers!  On our last errand trip I counted at least eight strangers who asked about and complimented her coat.   I am planning a raincoat version using Amy Butler laminated fabric.  I can't wait to sew up another one!

This week only, you can purchase the pattern in the Craftsy shop for $4.50.  After that, it will be the regular price of $7.95 for the lower (12m - 5T) or upper (6Y - 12Y) sizing file, or $10.95 for the bundle which includes the full range of sizing in the Etsy and Craftsy shop.

My Thoughts
I really enjoyed making this coat and think all the new options are adorable.  I love that it can be customized for a sweet spring or Easter coat as well as a warm coat for fall and winter.  The instructions are clear and easy to follow, and the results are fantastic.  I am very happy with the fit and I especially like that the hood offers excellent coverage and protection from wind, rain, etc while not being too bulky or creating discomfort in a car seat.  I chose the button closure simply because I was thinking practicality and (again) ease of fit in a car seat.  I imagine the bow closure would work better in a forward facing or booster seat.

The only (minor) difficulty I came across was making the larger button hole, as my machine only makes button holes up to 1" (but my button was 1 3/4").  However, I came across these fantastic instructions on how to fool your machine into making a larger button hole, and it worked perfectly!

 Pattern Specifics and Options
The updated pattern is for sizes 12 months to 12 years and includes the following options:
  • Collar or hood
  • Plain hood, or hood with bunny, mouse or bear ears
  • Button closure (1-3 large buttons) or large bow closure (the ties for the bow pull through the button hole, then are tied into a bow to secure the coat closed.)
  • Extended sizing from the original
This pattern is designed for thicker fabric such as wool, wool blend, canvas, etc, with a lining of your choice (cotton, flannel, etc).  You want to choose a thick or stiff fabric so the coat will hold its shape.

The sizing is intended to fit over sweaters and layers of clothing, and to fit for several seasons of wear (making this pattern a great value for your time and effort!).

The pdf pattern instructions are easy to follow and include multiple pictures to help guide you along and provide clarity.  The pdf file is 6.9 MB (for smaller sizes) and 39 pages, with the last 14 of those pages being the printable pattern pages and the rest the instructions.

Pattern Description from Heidi & Finn:
What a Chic coat! This pattern is for the NEW Chic Cocktail Swing Coat. 
ON SALE for one week only! get it at this great price while you can!

This coat features a slightly fitted Upper body, boat-neck neckline, bell sleeve, and Swing body. With tons of options like Bow tie or button closures, collar or hood, ears or plain hood, this is a truly versatile pattern! 
A modern and classic design that will look great for years. The collar can be worn up or down for different looks. This coat can made with heavier materials for a perfect fall/winter piece. Or can be made with light cottons for a spring time option. The possibilities are endless!
This will be your favorite thing to sew!

NO SERGER NEEDED - as always, all my patterns are great for those just starting to sew and all you need is a sewing machine - no fancy tools needed!

This easy to sew pattern features all colour photos and pages of step by step instructions

Grab your pattern now at the great sale price and sew up a darling coat for a sweet little girl in your life!


  1. Love this, it looks perfect on her, great tips on the buttonhole. you did a great job thanks again :)

    1. Thank you! I really like the fit and thanks again for the opportunity to test. I'd do it again any time :)

  2. Thanks so much for sharing. I have twin boy/girl and I had to buy the pattern after seeing all the cute pictures you posted! :)

    1. Thanks - You will love the pattern - I'd love to see what you make!

  3. This coat is so cute! Almost as cute as the little model :)

  4. That is just so stinkin' cute! Did you use the full 1.5 yards for the outer layer? I'm sewing up an 18 months size too and I'm trying to figure out if I really need the full 1.5 yds for the outer lining.

    1. Hi Katie - I am so glad to hear you bought a pattern and are making one of your own! I think I had a bit less than 1 1/2 yards (it was fabric I had on hand) and I had some, but not a whole lot left over. You can probably get by with a less, but there are several pieces that are cut on the fold, so that requires a certain layout. Also, I cut out all the options (bunny and mouse ear, collar and hood), so depending on what option you go with, that would take less fabric. If you make the coat without a hood, you would require much less fabric. Depending on the width of your fabric, I would think you could get by with 1 1/4 yard with a hood, and less without a hood. I'm going to be more specific in my cutting and pay more attention with my second coat so I can see exactly what I use this time! Can't wait to see your finished coat!


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