Mommy and Me Piko Tops from EYMM

EYMM Women's Piko Top in size M by Bethany at Sew-Not-Perfect What is there not to love about a stylish, quick sewing project for both mom and daughter?  This is one of those great patterns that probably takes more time to assemble the pattern and cut the fabric than it does to sew it.  Kymy at Everything Your Mama Made and More designed these tops and I had the opportunity to be part of the tester group for both the girl's and women's versions.  You can purchase the pattern here, including a bundle for both the girl's and women's version.

The pattern is for lightweight knits and has options for a hi-low hem, sidetail hem, or regular hem, and the sleeves can be short, 3/4, or long.  For my first shirts, I used the short sleeve version with hi-low hem.  Kymy's instructions are clear, with lots of hints for first time knit users.  She gives instructions for sewing with or without a serger and with or without a double needle.  I used a double needle on my, as I usually like the finish it provides, but I had trouble with tunneling on my fabric.  I will be going back and adjusting the pressure on my presser foot to see if that eliminates this trouble.

I appreciate that the top is cute and comfy for both me and my daughter and that I was able to sew both tops in one morning.  I already had my daughter's fabric cut, but I printed, taped, cut, cut the fabric for myself and sewed both tops in one morning.  I might try a size down next time.  I usually wear and sew a medium, and the fit is fine on this top, but I am interested to see how a size down would look as well.

If you are looking for an easy stylish top for yourself or daughter (or both), you have to check out Kymy's Piko tops at Everything Your Mama Made & More!

kid's clothes week EYMM Piko Tops Girls 12-18m, Womens M by Bethany at Sew-Not-Perfect

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