Hawthorn Zip-Up Sweatshirt by Titchy Threads for Willow & Co.

It's time to start saving your pdf pattern pennies! (if you have a budget for your pdf pattern purchases)

Willow & Co, a pattern collective, is releasing their Spring and Summer line, Wanderlust: a glamping collection, on Tuesday, April 22.  Here is a peek at one piece from the collection, the Hawthorn Zip-Up Sweatshirt by Laura at Titchy Threads and Craftstorming.  I was so excited to be in the tester group for this pattern and I am thrilled with the result!

Pattern Options and Features
The Hawthorn Zip-Up Sweatshirt can be made for boys or girls in a variety of fabrics from medium interlock, to sweatshirt, to fleece, with a contrast knit fabric for collar and zip facings, and a rib knit for sleeve cuffs.  Options include full- or half-zip, regular or split side seam, with or without pockets.  Sizing ranges from 6-12 months to 12 years.

Further details: 

  • Pattern pieces vary for each age by color AND line style, so they can be printed in color or black and white. 
  • Option to turn off all except one size using pdf layers.  This means you can print only the size or sizes you plan to use.
  • Detailed pattern pieces including notches for lining up pieces, adding pockets, etc.  This is often not found on pdf patterns. 
  • Pattern pieces are well laid out, and assembly does not result in one giant mass of paper to cut, but rather nicely sized, well-portioned pieces.
  • PDF document featuring very detailed tutorial with color pictures of every step. 
  • Size chart, finished measurements chart, fabric requirements and supplies list.
  • Cheat Sheet at the end for when you need a basic reminder of what comes next instead of following the whole tutorial (for those who are very experienced sewists or have made the garment multiple times).
  • Prints on both Letter and A4 paper
  • Metric and imperial measurements included throughout

Personal Review
This pattern took thought, time, and attention - and I think the final product reflects the effort put forth.  It wasn't difficult.  I consider myself an advanced beginner, maybe?  It was my FIRST TIME EVER putting in a zipper.  I think it looks fantastic.  It was also my first time doing these kinds of facings, first time putting in pockets, and first time using twill tape.  I won't pretend I didn't use my seam ripper a time or two, but Laura's instructions walked me right through and taking the time and attention to do it right resulted in an awesome finished sweatshirt/jacket.  It looks so well made and it has everything to do with Laura's well-drafted pattern, her detailed instructions, and her involvement and responsiveness to the testers during the testing process.  She quickly responded to feedback, suggestions, and questions and made excellent adjustments to the pattern to make it just right.

My version is the half-zip, split side seam with pockets.  I do not have a huge stash of fabric to choose from (especially knit), so I had to go to my local JoAnn's to look for fabric.  I really wasn't excited about what they had for boys and actually went looking two or three times before settling on the grey/red double layer fleece.  I was inspired by the pirate skull iron-on decal I found, and went from there, using a zipper and thread that matched the red under layer of fleece and the red in the decal.  The contrast fabric that lines the collar, the zipper facing, and pockets is repurposed from a shirt.  I thought the black and grey stripes not only coordinated nicely, but echoed the pirate theme.  I did learn that the fabric had too much stretch for pockets, and they stretched below the hemline.  I fixed this later by sewing the pockets into the seam on the hem.  Laura also recommend in the tutorial now using a fabric with no more than 30% stretch for the pockets. Twill tape options are pretty limited at JoAnns.  Its cheap and only comes in black or white.  When you buy this pattern, check out the etsy shop Laura recommended for twill tape for a great selection on twill tape.

I have two other boys asking when I will make them their own sweatshirt.  Heading in to summer, this will probably wait until fall, unless I can find some lighter sweatshirt knit that I like for boys.  But I know that this pattern is one I will go back to for my own family and for gifts.  It's one of those excellent, well-drafted patterns with clear instructions and beautiful results that I am so glad to have in my collection!

This is my little man's favorite shot, so he wanted me to include it!

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  1. Oh wow Bethany! I am even more impressed now I know it was your first time sewing a zip in. You did an amazing job with your sweatshirt. I love the way you've embellished it and your son looks so happy with it. Thank you so much for all your sweet comments and for helping to test.

    1. Thanks so much, Laura! I was so thankful to be selected to test after confessing on the tester application that I'd never done a zipper on my own. I hope to add some pictures of the inside of the sweatshirt, but its too cloudy today. It turned out that nice :).

  2. Wow, love the stripes. And YES the finish result certainly looks great and worth the extra time the great details take. Thank you!! And first time sewing a zipper...you rock!


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