Animal All-in-One Hooded Scarf

Cats and foxes and dinos - oh my!  Christine at Heidi & Finn has released the new Animal All-in-One Hooded Scarf - another of her versatile pdf patterns that is easy to sew, has tons of options, doesn't require much fabric, and is great for keeping or gifting.  This pattern is so much fun!  Each of my kids wanted (at least) one right away.  The pattern is a great springboard for your own creativity.  With options and pattern pieces for cat, mouse, fox, bunny, pig, bear, and monkey ears - as well as spikes for a dinosaur and fins and teeth for a shark, you can also combine or modify pieces to come up with your
own versions as well.  I created a wolf using the fox ears and shark teeth, and I made a puppy by modifying the bunny ears.  I also learned a new word this past week - I'd never heard of a scoodie - have you?  Now I've not only heard of them, I've sewn four!

  • Forty-five page pdf pattern and tutorial with photos.  Pattern is sixteen pages for the full pattern with both options (button closure and full scarf) and nine pages for just the button closure and all ear options.
  • Fits sizes 6-12m to most adults.
  • Option for button/snap closure or full-length scarf.
  • Includes interfacing at closure
  • Easy sew.  Nothing complicated or unclear.  A serger is optional for this pattern - you can sew the entire pattern on a regular sewing machine.
  • Clear and easy.  Following the instructions given should give you everything you need to sew this up.  No difficult parts.
  • I am so glad this pattern includes instructions to add interfacing at the closure.  Its seems many pdf pattern makers sadly skip this step.
  • Great way to use up scraps from other projects, and inexpensive project.  You only need 1/2 of the main and 1/2 yard lining fabric even for larger sizes, so you can hit the remnant bin at your local shop and really make this an economical project.
  • Works well with a variety of fabrics.  My favorite version that I did used an upcycled sweatshirt for the main fabric and nice fleece for the inside (the Dino).  Its cozy and the thick fabrics give it a good shape and weight.  But I also used a variety of flannels and different fleece and all worked well.
  • Sizing seems good.  My 2 year old is in the XS, 5 year old is in the S, and 7 and 9 year olds are in M.  You can easily size down and/or adjust the closure if you want a more or less snug fit.  The hoods will fit them for a long time.
  • I do not apply for every pattern test out there.  Even from my favorite designers, I often skip a testing call if its not a good time, or the pattern isn't something I think I'll love.  In this case, I had a two-week old at the time of the testing call and had intended not to apply for any testing until after the new year.  But when I saw this one come though, I had to apply - and I'm so glad I did!  It was easy and fun to sew - and I was able to sew several in one day (which is not common).
Thanks for coming by and checking out my post.  I'd love to hear from you in the comments - which version of this scarf are you going to sew up first?!

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You can see more pictures below!


  1. Your kids look adorable in them! What about one for yourself ;)

    1. Thanks - my kids love them and already have put in orders for more!

  2. I'd like an adult version of "Little Red Riding Hood" haha
    Ethan, you're hilarious. These are so CUTE!

    1. Ash, so that's a RRH for you and a monkey for Miss Reese, right?! Ha!

  3. Are you kidding? I ADORE the dinosaur!
    You had a two-week old and you sewed up all of these? Superwoman!

    1. Thanks, Katy. I think Superwoman's house would be cleaner...


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