Resolutions, Sewing Project Planning for 2015 & Free Planner Printable

Have you made your sewing resolutions for 2015? I'm not usually a big resolution maker, but with 2015 just days away, I have been giving some thought to a couple sewing goals for the new year. I've been sewing more seriously now for just over a year, and blogging for 11 months. I've learned a lot and hope to have more direction and purpose to what I sew going forward. Here are three four goals for 2015 that I came up with:

1.  Sew the patterns and fabric I already own at the end of 2014 more than what I purchase new in 2015.
2.  Learn how to improve my sewing blog (design and pictures)
3.  Develop the skill of hand embroidery
4.  Oh, and the fourth is earn a first place at the State Fair sewing competition!

The first goal is the one I'm devoting the most intention toward right now.  I am hosting a Sew Your (Pattern) Stash group for myself and others who want to sew through the patterns we already own.  I think its going to be a lot of fun and a source of encouragement and accountability to keep to that goal.  I've also worked diligently to organize my pdf patterns.  During the process, I found that I had many patterns which were not stored in a secure location (for me right now, that is Dropbox), and several that I had never even downloaded in the first place (i.e. I forgot I bought them!).  I created this spreadsheet to keep track of what I own, what I have sewn, etc.  I also designed this sewing project planning sheet to help me plan ahead for each project.  I can fill out the sheet, collect fabric and notions, and store them all together in a ziplock bag until I am ready to start the project.  This potentially will save time when I have the chance to sit down and sew, and will help me think through and plan for each of the monthly themes in our Sew Your Pattern Stash Group.  I originally saw the idea here (I visited her blog over two years ago and used her free tutorial for a ruffled crib skirt - which is awesome).  I wanted some different features on my own sheet, so I created my own.  You are welcome to print it for your own use as well.  One version is for pdf patterns and includes a reminder to print, cut, etc.  The other is for patterns or projects in general and looks the same, but does not include the reminders to print, etc.  Also, each version is a two-page pdf.  The first page is full-size, the second is half-page size (two per page).  I'd love to hear if they are useful to you! (Click the text under each picture to view the file and print)

General Sewing Project Planner Free Printable Download Link
PDF Sewing Project Planner Free Printable Download Link

So, how do you organize, plan, and keep track of your patterns and sewing goals?  What are your sewing goals for the new year?  I'd love to hear about them in the comments!


  1. Awesome! I'd love to join your group. Thank you for the free printable too!

    1. Gloria - you are welcome for the printable, and I'm glad you'll be joining us! Did you find the link to join the Facebook group? I looked for you and didn't see you. Here it is:

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  3. These sound like great goals, and really well thought out too. Good luck - especially with the competition!

    1. Thanks, Laura! It was good to see others' goals for the year in the TT group, too. Looking forward to your photos!

  4. last year i entered all my patterns into a google drive document, similar to what you have. I just kept it online so i could edit it, add in new patterns etc, but I think i will print it and keep it on my wall as a visual reminder! My goal is to ONE DAY sew three of each pattern I have, to sort of make the pattern ownership 'worth it', does that make sense? lol.

    here's a screen cap of mine!


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