Colette Moneta as a Sweater & Grainline Archer for Momiform MAKEover Tour with Baste+Gather

Mom jeans.  Well, maybe now it's mom yoga pants or leggings (essentials of the contemporary mom uniform).  Moms often have a reputation for ill fitting or just plain sloppy clothes.  I'm there many days.   So, when Lauren Dahl of Baste+Gather proposed the Momiform MAKEover Tour, I knew I wanted to participate.  I don't sew for myself very often and I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to adapt patterns to fit  (and hopefully mask) my disproportionate midsection.  After you see my garments, keep scrolling and enter the GIVEAWAYS at the bottom of the post.  Lauren put together an awesome giveaway with over 50 winners!  Then, go visit the other bloggers on the tour, especially Scientific Seamstress, Call Ajaire, and 110 Creations who also have posts today (full schedule at bottom of post).

Disclaimer & Disclosure: No spanx or other "helpful" tools were used for this post.  The patterns (which I chose) were provided to me for free, with no requirements other than I sew them for this tour.

The outfit shown in the before picture above is pretty typical for me (especially that green shirt - I have worn it frequently for a several years now).  I love a tank or t-shirt and cardigan because I feel like a lose cardigan helps to mask my tummy.  But I look pretty sloppy in the picture (and, frankly, that green shirt is getting threadbare.  It's older than two or three of my kids).  So, I sewed up a MAKEover for my Momiform.  (Mom+Uniform=Momiform)

Things about me and my lifestyle that I took in to consideration for my MAKE over:
  • As a homeschooling mom of five kids, I tend do go for quick and comfortable.
  • I want to focus on tops right now.  As much as I'd love to make jeans and pants, I want to finish learning more first.  I need a lot of adjustments to get a great fitting pair of pants, so before I take the time, I want to know what I'm doing.  I'm taking a few Craftsy classes to help with that.
  • I live in the midwest, so the fall and winter are cold. 
  • I benefit from items that are easy to throw on and don't wrinkle and/or need ironing.  
  • My clothes still need to be nursing friendly (my youngest is 10 months old).
  • I am short.  
  • I have a highly damaged stomach from my pregnancies (10+cm diastasis for anyone that means something to), so I have to modify patterns to accommodate and try and mask that area.  I often wear a brace or something to give support and help flatten my stomach.
  • I don't sew for myself very often and I'd like to stretch my abilities.

My first MAKE over is a cropped sweater using the Moneta pattern from Colette Patterns and their tutorial for using the top of the dress for a sweater.  Since a dress isn't nursing friendly, I was eager to try their sweater version.  Have you seen how fantastic their model looks in it?  My waistline is more convex than it is concave, so the fit is very different for me.  My goal was to make a top that would be great for soccer practice and games, trips to the pumpkin patch, and other fall activities, but wouldn't be as sloppy as a t-shirt and/or sweatshirt.  The scoop neckline helps this sweater have a feminine touch, even with the heavier and darker fabrics.  I love cable knits, but I don't knit, so for the body I was able to use the remainder of a thrifted sweater that I had used for my son's Moto Jacket.  I also thrifted a rib knit sweater to use for the grey contrast parts.  As a whole, I am really happy with the result.  I'll confess it's about one inch shorter than I'd prefer, as I warped my knits the first time I serged the bottom band on and I had to cut it off to fix it.

This pattern was pretty quick to make, and has quite a few options for various collars and necklines.  I modified the side seams to increase the width of the sweater toward the bottom, since my waist is large and I didn't want the sweater to fit snugly there.  Other than, that, I made no changes to the pattern.  If you make the Moneta as a sweater, be sure to use elastic tape for the shoulder and waist seams.

The second garment I made was an Archer button down shirt from Grainline Studio.  I've wanted to do a lace inset in the back pleat of a top like this for a while, so I decided this was the time.  This project was a big bite for me to take.  I'm not sure what I was thinking.  I've never made a button down shirt before, never done a true collar, never worked at matching plaids, never done cuffs or sleeve plackets, and I drafted my own pattern hack to add the lace.  The result I am pretty happy with, but it isn't perfect.  I had the most difficulty with the sleeve placket, actually.  I'll need to work on that some more.  I did learn a lot and next time it'll be a breeze if I use an easier fabric.  The fabric I used is a 100% cotton Italian fabric that I purchased a while ago at The French Seam, a favorite fabric boutique in Indianapolis.  It is a very thin fabric.  I am thankful that the instructions and sew along information for Archer are so detailed.  I highly recommend trying the pattern if you have interest in sewing a button down.  This top will not meet my desire for clothes that do not wrinkle or require ironing, though!

I like that a button down shirt is very easy to nurse in, but a problem I often have with button downs is that they are too snug around my middle and the buttons show it by pulling, which is not a look I am going for.  So, to get a specialized fit for myself, after making a rough muslin (one sleeve, not cuffs or collar) I sewed a size 6 at the top, but then graded the pattern from a 6 under the arms, to an 8 around the high waist, to a 10 from the midsection down.  I reduced the length on the shirt fronts and back by 1" and the sleeves by 1/2".  I also brought the top of the armscye in about 3/8" (toward the neck).  Archer is drafted with a 1" box pleat in the back, but for the lace inset, I wanted a 3" pleat of lace, so I made that adjustment.

Do you know how difficult it is to photograph plaid garments?!  These lines match, I promise!

I definitely enjoyed sewing for myself and hope to do more of it.  I enjoy the ability to customize fit and detail according to my own body type and preferences.  And now I have a few pieces in my wardrobe that help bring my Momiform up a notch!
Momiform MAKEover
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  1. Hey Bethany, very cool that you're a homeschooling mama of 5 as well! I love, love the sweater you made--the fabric combo looks amazing.

    1. Thank you, Fenna. Sounds like we are kindreds - we even match with the 3b/2g combo!

  2. Oh that Archer turned out awesome!
    I feel you on the plaids. I swear I spend a million hours to line everything up and they're perfect. And then I take a picture and it looks like they're all wonky when on. Darn buttons and bodies making things shift slightly!

    1. So true! If only everything looked as perfect as we work to make them.

  3. Both tops look amazing! You did a great job and I love the lace inset. Cute fabric choices too. You will get lots of wear out of both pieces this fall and winter.

    1. This is the first time I've sewn something for myself and thought, I think I really will wear these often. I've only made two other things for myself and both get worn, just more for kicking around. I have plans to wear the archer twice this week! (with a washing)

  4. I love the Archer! AMazing!
    So many awesome patterns in the giveaway!
    And the sewing machine? Anything auto with so many functions is better than my cheap walmart singer simple!

    1. I love that there will be so many winners in the giveaway! Lots of happy people. I have a nicer Janome I like alot, but it doesn't have nearly as many functions as this model!

  5. I love your Archer! The lace inset is amazing.

    1. Thank you, Katie! I was really on the fence about the plaid even in the store and afraid it was too dark and too masculine. I was hoping the lace would help soften it.

  6. That machine looks amazing! I really want to play with all the electronic stitches.

    1. I agree! I love that it has 91 needle positions and such a long stitch length option (up to 9mm). I use those features a lot, and my current Janome only goes to a 5mm stitch length and 7 needle positions. Plus the bright lighting would be handy.

  7. This is an impossible question to answer. But I guess the top of my sewing list right now is the Straight Stitch Laurelhurst, Greenstyle brassie joggers, and the Lola by liola

    1. It is difficult to choose! I think I am eager to try the new Lark Tee from Grainline, Lane Raglan from Hey June, and I have Taylors from Greenstyle still to make.

  8. Great looks! Your archer turned out beautiful!

  9. You are just gorgeous... and from a mama of 5 I appreciate the "background noise" in your photos haha. These kids are so darn rambunctious, I mean wonderful.

    The pieces turned out amazing. I love what you did with the Archer. Everything looks fantastic on you.

  10. I really like my Janome 4618LE but automatic needle positioning and thread cutter sound so luxurious.
    Thanks you sponsors. I'd like to make Hey June's Aurora tee and Lane raglan tee.
    melissa evans of mahlicadesigns

  11. Such a great idea that lace in a shirt! I am joining the give away part that is international! :) Greetings from Lindsy

  12. oh my WORD! Now, I need to make an Archer shirt! That is the most adorable shirt evah!!


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