Swoon Coraline Clutch from Green Corduroy Pants {Upcycle}

The Coraline Clutch from Swoon Patterns (*affiliate link) has been on my "Want to Sew" list for quite a while.  I finally sewed one and love it!  Hopefully someone likes her as much as I do, since this bag is headed to a local silent auction as a donation.  The outer fabric is corduroy, upcycled from a pair of pants that a friend gave to me thinking I could use them for a sewing project (thoughtful friend!).  I love the color and the way the corduroy gives shape and stability to the clutch.  I used a metallic gold zipper that I bought at JoAnn fabric, which is also where I purchased the lining fabric.

The Coraline pattern* offers sizing for a small or large clutch with handles (this is the small version) and the option for a wrist strap for the smaller version instead of handles (as here).  The recessed zipper not only keeps everything secure, but also provides the opportunity for a pop of color or style feature.

For this Coraline, the only changesI made were:
  • a greater seam allowance across the bottom of the lining (and when handstitching the opening closed after turning) so that the lining would lie better inside the clutch. 
  • 9" instead of the 10" zipper called for in the pattern (only because the metallic zippers are 9").  I did not make any adjustments for the shorter zipper and it worked fine.  
  • did not topstitch at the top of the bag.  I found that with a good pressing, everything stayed in place well and I prefer the look of this bag without the topstitching.

Coraline will be sewn in spades this fall and winter, I think.   I love that I can use remnants or scraps of fabric (or just a small amount of more expensive material), a small amount of interfacing, and can sew this project up pretty quickly.  

Have you sewn Coraline yet?  Which is your favorite Swoon Sewing Patterns* bag?


  1. It looks gorgeous! I don't like top-stitching my Coraline bags either.

  2. Very pretty! I love the corduroy, reminds me of a purse I had in my tweens sometime in the early 2000s. I bet someone is going to love that, hope it makes a lot for the auction :)


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