A Few of My Favorite {Sewing} Things

I have a wishlist coming up, but first I took time to sit down and think about some of my favorite sewing related items from the last year.  We did a Periscope tour showing them in person this week, and you can katch the replay below if you want to watch on video (not one of my best!).  But I forgot a few things, so be sure to read the whole list, too - and let me know in the comment what your favorite sewing things are.  I've also opened a link party if you'd like to link up to your own post about your favorite sewing things.  This is genuinely a list of some of my favorite sewing (and sewing blogging) items - affiliate links are marked with an*, and the amazon images (but not the text links for those items) are also affiliate.  I appreciate you using my affiliate links if you find them helpful.  I do not use affiliate links for items I do not endorse and benefit from.

  • Modern Society Podcast - this is one of the things I forgot on the video, so I wanted to list it first.  I've loved listening to this podcast regularly.  Stephanie is a lot of fun and she has great guests.  I really enjoyed her broadcast a while back with fabric designer Heather Ross and more recently with Sew to Grow and SewBon.
  • Local Quilt and Sewing Shops - I appreciate my local shops and patronize them as often as I can.  I want them to be there and stay in business!
  • Clover Wonder Clips & Clover Seam Ripper - I use the clips all the time, especially or knits and handbags.  I received an Amazon.com gift card last year for Christmas and used it to buy these.  I am so glad I did.  Seriously, if you sew and you haven't purchased them yet, what are you waiting for?!  You don't have to buy them on Amazon, you can find them pretty much anywhere that carries crafting supplies (and probably your local shops).  The Clover seam ripper is the only one I've found that stays sharp and is comfortable to hold.
  • Pilot Frixon Pens - These are great for marking.  I mentioned I buy mine at my local quilt shop or Staples.  In fact, they are on sale this week at Staples for $3.00 for a three-pack!
  • Swoon Sewing Patterns* and especially Coraline* right now.  For sure my favorite handbag patterns.  Clear instructions, variety of styles, and great results.
  • Cell Phone holder for a tripod - this is the one I use with my tripod when I am using Periscope.  It is pretty universal and easy to use.  Plus I like that it was cheap, but has all the quality and features I need.  Might not seem sewing related, but since I do a lot of video and photography for my sewing blog, I am counting it!
  • LA Finch Fabrics & Fabricworm - LA Finch is a new favorite online shop for apparel fabrics.  Awesome quality, customer service and super fast shipping.  Fabric is sourced from contacts in the LA Fashion district.  Not an affiliate (just an online friend/customer), but if you order, tell them Sew Not Perfect sent you! Also, Fabricworm is my other favorite online fabric source.  I love their selection, they also have great service, and I love the fabric from their sister company Birch.
  • Wanderlust Quilts book by Amanda Leins  I recently learned of this book, was inspired by the designs and concept and checked it out of my local library.  You can visit her site and see her blog tour for the book.  The designs and quilting are stunning, and if I can come close to creating something that resembles one of these quilts I would be so pleased.  This will also be on my wishlist, since I have it, but don't own it!

Here is the original video if you'd like to see!  At the end, I mention this breakfast game changer - our favorite Breakfast Sandwich Maker!  (and don't forget to link up or comment with your favorite sewing things!)


  1. I loved your video! I may finally have to join Periscope now, that was so much fun!

    1. Hi Reece - it's looks like my earlier reply didn't post! I'm glad you liked the video and joined Periscope (I followed you back). It's such a great medium.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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