Color Play Friday: NYC {New York City Street Inspired Color Palette & Fabric Bundle}

I've never been to New York City and I'm really sad about it.  So, this color palette and fabric bundle for Color Play Friday hosted by Trina (In An Otter Life) and Lorinda (Laurel, Poppy & Pine) are based purely on this image and my imagination!  Keep reading to find out more about the colors and fabrics I chose this week.

For more information on Color Play Friday, visit Lorinda or Trina for the guidelines and further information, or to sign up for the #ColorPlayFriday newsletter - you are welcome to join in!  

The Image & Colors:
This week's image was taken by Trina of In An Otter Life from a tour bus during a trip to NYC. I really liked the image, and even the palette I put together, but it is not at all the colors I would typically put together of my own accord.  When I walk through a fabric store, I am not likely to gravitate to the orange, yellow or red fabrics.  The gray and navy colors do fit better in my typical color preferences, which is probably why I made sure to include them in my selections this time.  

The Fabrics:
All that said, I really do like this collection - and if I saw the fabrics bundled on a shelf, it would catch my eye and I think I'd seriously consider it.  I like the way the triangles bring all the colors together.  The words mention New York City but remind me of handwriting in a sketch book at a museum or the fashion district - maybe even autographs on Broadway.  I also wanted to have subtle prints that referenced concrete and other city textures.  And the puppies?  I thought of people walking their pets in Central Park.  As an added bonus, the orange fabric is from Timeless Treasures/Sew Timeless, which is a family-owned fabric company based in Soho, NYC.

(top to bottom with non-affiliate link to

I also wanted to point out Leah Duncan's Grammercy line for Art Gallery Fabrics.  I really wanted to fit Manhattan Dusk into my palette because I love it, but I took another direction.  I love the geometric lines, florals, and colors of her collection a lot and it certainly fits the city inspiration!

Other Participants:
Use the following links to visit all the #ColorPlayFriday participants for this week to see more creative fabric collections and color play.  You can also search the hashtag on Instagram.

{Me - Sew Not Perfect}


  1. I'm not used to working with such primary colors, you totally nailed it.

    1. Trina - I'm not use to it either, but it was fun to try (or imagine trying)!

  2. Your bundle this week is so fun! It really does make you feel the hustle and bustle, doesn't it?!

  3. Great palette. Can I just say I love that little doggie at the bottom. But I also love that blue with the triangles, I think it was a perfect match for the picture. NYC being such a busy place, that print screams busy and look at me.

  4. This is a great bundle. I especially love your "blue" geometric print and how it pulls in the other colors!


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