Latest Project? Sew Grateful:Day 4

So the final Day of Sew Grateful Week was supposed to be a day to share your current project.  I have taken a break from actual sewing after finishing my Princess Dress and the Infinity Scarf to develop my blog and prepare for some new sewing projects.  I began this blog just five weeks ago, so I've taken a little time to get the design down and create some posts and prepare interviews, etc.  There are still things I am trying to do (HTML is not my friend), but I am pretty happy with it so far.  I'll be posting my first interview this weekend, and then I'm diving into several sewing projects, so I hope you'll subscribe or stop back soon.   Beside developing the blog, I've been printing pdf patterns, selecting fabric, purchasing a new serger (I'll have to update my other serger post!) and making other preparations for my upcoming projects.  Starting this weekend, I'll be completing a pattern test for Heidi and Finn Patterns and joining a Sew-Along with Candy Castle Patterns, along with about 7 other projects on my stack.  So, I guess my "latest project" is my blog - which I am happy to share with you, but I am eager to get back in to the real sewing!

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