Sharing Resources: Sew Grateful Day 3

Today, as part of the Sew Grateful Week, is a day to share resources.  I myself don't have much to offer - but you can see my video review of BobbinSaver and my take on an Infinity Scarf Tutorial.  If you haven't seen this link yet, you have to see the beautiful construction paper dresses constructed by a four-year-old and her mom.
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But, I wanted to share two tutorials I've used in the last year or two to complete a couple of my favorite projects.

The first is for a Ruffled Crib Skirt Tutorial from Amy at Positively Splendid.  Her blog is super cool with beautiful projects and lots of great ideas.  I found her when I was looking for bedding ideas when I was expecting my daughter.  The crib skirt was exactly what I was looking for, and the tutorial was very easy to follow.  She uses a serger to do a rolled hem on the ruffle edges, but I didn't have that option at the time and hemmed all the layers.  I was so excited with my finished skirt - but I am having trouble locating my pictures, so I'll have to share them another time.

Photo Courtesy of Amy at

The second resource I want to share is my favorite bow tie tutorial at  What I like best about this tutorial is that she does a folded bow tie, so it looks more authentic.  Instead of one square of fabric with a band in the middle, you make a long rectangle and fold it in thirds, then add the band in the middle.  I am also partial to adjustable neck wear, as opposed to velcro or similar options.  With three boys, I want the things I make to fit as many kids for as long as possible.  This tutorial not only uses the adjustable hardware, but also reveals the only place on the planet I've ever been able to find the hardware (at Wawak - and its cheap!).  She gives lots of pictures, so its easy to follow along.  I made four matching bow ties, and a coordinating pair of suspenders for a family wedding this summer, so all the boy cousins could match.  For a few bow ties, I increased the width of the bow tie for a fuller look.

I hope one of these resources is as helpful to you as they were to me.  I am very grateful for all the sharing of ideas, patterns, tutorials, advice, and encouragement in the online sewing community!

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