One Year Blog Birthday

Today marks one year from my first post on this blog. I am grateful as I think over the projects I have completed this past year and the skills I have learned and developed.  I'd like to sew even more and accomplish my sewing goals during the next year.

A Few Stats:

  • I've had a little over 5,500 views in the last year.  Some people have that in a month or a week, but I'm pretty happy with that.
  • Things are picking up - in the last month I've had over 1,100 views.
  • My favorite pattern for boys that I sewed this year was the Hawthorn Zip Up Jacket by Titchy Threads.  Laura created an excellent pattern and tutorial.  Not only does my son absolutely love the jacket, I was able to learn several new sewing skills.  As soon as I took my first look at the pattern, I realized I was being introduced to a higher quality pdf pattern, with techniques and a design that created a more excellent garment.
  • My favorite project for girls from this past year would probably be Josephine Dress from Violette Field Threads.  The fabric had a lot to do with it being my favorite, and so did earning second place at the State Fair!  

To celebrate my blogging birthday, you get to enjoy five random bits of information about me and a collage of projects from the year. Feel free to share comments on what you enjoyed about your sewing year, or something interesting about yourself.
  1.  I sew in my dining room on a Janome 3160 QDC and a Necchi S34 Serger. These machines get carted up from storage in the basement whenever I get a chance to sew. If am in the middle of a more involved project, they sit around cluttering the kitchen and dining room instead of going back downstairs.
  2. My favorite new sewing tool is my Clover Wonder Clips. I used an Amazon gift card that was a Christmas gift to purchase these and I can't stop using them for everything. I like them better than pins and I wish I'd purchased the 100 pack instead of just the 50 pack. 
  3. I was an age, weight, and birth month guesser one summer at Cedar Point-The Roller Coaster Capitol of the World (although, I still think of it as "America's Roller Coast").  I worked there for many summers, but only one as a professional guesser! 
  4. I have a collection of Pez dispensers that numbers somewhere in the 400s. 
  5. My favorite thing I did in 2014 (apart from having my fifth baby and other family-related things) was attend TGC Conference for Women in Orlando, Florida with a good friend.

Don't forget you can join the Sew Your (Pattern) Stash challenge and link-up and purchase this limited time DIY Bundle which includes several pdf sewing patterns and a free Craftsy class as a bonus (affiliate link - if you click the banner below and purchase a bundle - you are supporting me and my sewing hobby)

Check back on Sunday for my turn in the Girls Bundle Up blog tour.


  1. Wow! I love the collage where you show all of your projects. My favorites are the gray and red raglan that Benjamin is wearing and the polka dot dress that Leah is wearing. I have some of that fabric put back for a special project for ME. I need to get some wonder clips too :)

    1. Thanks, Linda! Benjamin loves that Raglan, too. It should go in to further testing in February with some extra features (from Titchy Threads). I'm excited for it. And I think you should order those Wonder Clips. You'll love them, especially for all things Swoon.

  2. What a fun summer job! Happy blog birthday:)

    1. I had the best summers those years - long hours but fun environment and the "skill" is always fun at parties. Thanks for stopping by!


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